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     Megaohmmeter E6-11 (E6 11; E6-11, E6 11, Є6-11; Є6 11, e6-11, e6 11)
     Megger E6-11 - a device for measuring high resistance values​​.
     Megaommetry E6-11 is used to measure high resistance of insulating materials (insulators) wires and cables, connectors, transformers, coils of electrical machines and other devices. Also E6-11 is used to measure the surface and volume resistivity of insulating materials.
     Specifications E6-11

     Settling time moving the arrow to the device E6-11 is 4 seconds. Power supply - AC 220V, 50Hz.
     Megaommetry E6-11 are designed for use in the following conditions:
     - Ambient temperature - from -30 ° C to +40 ° C;
     - Relative humidity - up to 90% at +30 ° C.