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    Multimeter E504/1 (E 504/1, E-504/1; e504 / 1; e 504/1, f-504/1)

    Multimeter E504/1 - Multirange portable device electromagnetic system designed to measure current and voltage in DC and AC circuits at frequencies up to 150 Hz.
    By Precision accuracy class - 1.5.

    Measurement range:
    - Voltage - 6V, 15V, 60V, 150V, 300V, 600V;
    - Current - 0,015 A, 0.06 A, 0.3 A, 1.5 A, 6A, 30A.
    Rated frequency range: 45Hz - 65Hz.
    Extended frequency range: 65Hz - 150Hz.
    The last limit device E504 / 1 displayed on a separate terminal and switch Q8 is connected to the first position to the secondary winding of the current transformer. In the second position, the switch Q8 E504 includes a circuit current flowing in the load connected to output terminals 10 - / / block / C500, and in a third position - connects the unit parallel to the terminals 10 - 11 for measuring the voltage across the load.
    Dimension E504/1 - 110 × 152 × 75mm, weight 1,1 kg.

    Operating conditions E504/1

    Multimeter E504/1 under the terms of the mechanical effects of the operation are common. Operating position of the unit - horizontal.
    Multimeter designed for operation at temperatures from +10 ° C to +35 ° C. The relative humidity for optimum performance multimeter should be no more than 80% (at +30 ⁿ C).