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E391 E391 ammeter, voltmeter E391.


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E391 ammeter, voltmeter E391 (E-391, E 391)
E391 ammeter, voltmeter E391 is designed for measuring, signaling and regulation of the current rate of 200 Hz, 500 Hz.
Dimensions - 250h182h30mm.
Accuracy class - 1.5.
Narrow profile.
Technical characteristics of the devices E391 ammeters, voltmeters E391:
Accuracy class - 1.5.
Measuring ranges and switching devices E391 ammeter, voltmeter E391 are shown in Table 1.
Table 1: Measurement range and the inclusion of devices E391 ammeter, voltmeter E391
Frequency The final value of the measuring range Switching on
500Hz 1A, 2A, 3A, 5A Direct
500Hz 15V, 30V, 50V, 75V, 100V, 150V, 250V, 500V, 600V
200Hz 250V
Photocontact error in modifications to the device, CP, TC max ± 2,5% full scale.
Output current contact device unit E391 ammeter, voltmeter E391 ranges from 50mkA in the dark state (at a supply voltage of lamp 6V) to 250mkA the lit state (at a supply voltage of lamp 5B).
Contact device is powered by DC 12V (allowable voltage deviation of -15% to +10%).
Pointer Updates E391 device ammeter, voltmeter E391:
- Pointing - A;
- Signaling - C;
- Three-phase pole - K;
- Two positions to the right contact - KP;
- Two positions to the left contact - CL.
Scope Pointer E391 device ammeter, voltmeter E391 are shown in Table 2.
Table 2 Scope of the instrument pointers E391 ammeter, voltmeter E391
Alteration The scope of the index (% of scale length)
Left right
With 10-90 10-90
К 10-85 30-90
CP - 30-90
CL 10-90 -
Settling time moving part - no more than 4s;
Install unit E391 ammeter, voltmeter E391 on vertical panels and boards and angles of 15 º, 30 º, 45 º, 60 º, 75 º (stipulated in the order).
Mounting brackets to the panel.
Temperature - from -30 º C to +50 ° C.
Relative humidity - up to 90%.
Changing the ammeter readings E391, E391 voltmeter, caused deviation of ambient temperature from normal to any (class H) for every 10 K, does not exceed ± 1,2%.
Change in the readings caused deviation of ambient temperature from normal to any (range -30 º C to +50 º C) for every 10 K, does not exceed ± 2,0%; under the influence of an external magnetic field of 400 A / m - not more than ± 2, 5% when the instrument is on a ferromagnetic shield thickness of 4 mm - less than ± 1,0%.
E391 system devices ammeter, voltmeter E391 - electromagnetic.
On the instrument - with a light pointer and irregular schedule.
Dimension E391 devices ammeter, voltmeter E391 - 250h182h30mm.
Weight - 1.2 kg.
Mean time to failure of the device E391 ammeter, voltmeter E391 - no less than 25,000 hours;
Average life - 6 years;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument E391 ammeter, voltmeter E391 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.