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Frequency E371 (E-371, E 371)
Frequency E371 is designed to measure the frequency of the AC circuit in the range of 45Hz-55Hz, 450Gts-550Gts (in circuits with rated voltage of 127V, 220V and 380V) and 180Hz-220Gts (in circuits with a voltage of 220V).
Class of accuracy of the instrument - 2.5.
Dimensions - 160×160×91mm.
Frequency with a measuring range of 45Hz-55Hz and 450Gts-550Gts can be incorporated into the circuit via measuring transformers with a rated voltage of the transformer secondary winding 100B;
Frequency Devices E371 used to work at an ambient temperature of -40 º C to +50 º C and relative humidity up to 95% (at 35 º C);
In terms of resistance to mechanical impact devices are shaking and vibration;
Power consumption frequency devices E371, connected via voltage measuring transformers is 0.7 ∙ ∙ A-3B, A;
Settling time moving part does not exceed 4c;
Operating position frequency devices E371 - vertical;
The scale of the instrument - beznulevaya, uniform;
Changing the frequency of reading E371, caused by deviation of the ambient temperature from -20 º C to +50 º C (class H) does not exceed ± 1,2%;
Weight - 1.8 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the device frequency E371 technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: E371

E371 device image.
E371 device image.
E371 front view.
E371 front view.
E371 side view (casing depth).
E371 side view (casing depth).
E371 rear view (connection).
E371 rear view (connection).
E371 overhead view.
E371 overhead view.