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    Voltmeter E367 (E 367, E-367, e367, e 367, e-367)

    Voltmeter E367 - panel instrument designed to measure the current and voltage in alternating current.
    Measuring range: 0 - 50V.
    Line voltage: 220V, 50Hz or 60Hz.
    Voltmeters E367 can be used in industrial enterprises and power companies in the electrical interconnection networks, as well as electrical engineering companies to complete the power equipment.

    E367 features:

    - Linear scale allows accurate measurements over the entire range of readings, including at small values ​​of the measured signal;
    - The use of magneto-type idler maintains the characteristics of the devices for the duration of the service.

    Specifications E367

    Response time is less than 4 seconds. Warm-up time up to 15 minutes. Changing readings caused by the deviation of the ambient temperature of (20 ± 5) º C does not exceed 2.0%.
    Voltmeters E367 are intended for use under the following conditions:
    - Air temperature: from -30 to +50 º C;
    - Relative humidity: 90% at 30 ° C.