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Synchroscope E35 (E-35, E 35)
Synchroscope E35 is designed to synchronize AC generators, 50 Hz with a symmetrical voltage phases.
Dimensions - 160h160h120mm.
Technical characteristics of the devices synchronizing E35:
The duration of the direct inclusion in the network - no more than 15 minutes;
Pause - 30 minutes;
Switching on synchroscope E35 voltage transformer - no more than 30 minutes;
Pause - 30 minutes;
Synchroscope E35 device is designed to operate in a mode starts and stops;
Basic error - ± 3 º;
Rated voltage of the device synchroscope E35 - 100V, 127V, 220V, 380V;
The device includes a series resistor R706;
Devices used in ambient temperatures from -40 º C to +50 º C and relative humidity 95% ± 3% (at 35 º C);
Dimensions of the device synchroscope E35 - 160h160h120mm;
Weight - 1.5 kg;
Dimensions series resistor R706 - 146h89h93mm;
Weight - 0.5 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument synchroscope E35 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.

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