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E202 E202 device for testing anchors alternators and starters.


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E202 device for testing anchors alternators and starters (E-202, E 202)
E202 device for testing anchors of alternators and starters are designed to test the anchors and field windings of automobile and tractor generators, starter motors and DC motors (such as ME) with a nominal voltage of 12V and 24V and a diameter of 25mm-180mm.
The device provides an the following checks:
- The closure of the "masses" armature winding, stator, excitation, and other isolated parts;
- Determination of short-armature winding sections;
- Determination of the presence of breaks in the windings of the armature excitation;
- Determining the correct direction of winding, number of turns in the sections;
- Define the type of armature winding;
- Checking the quality of the insulation armature winding and the stator.
Technical characteristics of the devices for testing devices E202 anchors alternators and starters:
Type - landline, induction;
Power supply unit for testing anchors E202 alternators and starters - from single-phase AC 220V;
Diameter checked anchors - 25mm-180mm;
Indicating instrument instrument instrument for testing anchors alternators and starters E202 - milliammeter type M4200.17, 0mA-1mA, accuracy class 2.5;
A method for checking the armature winding - comparing the emf induced in the winding sections;
A method for checking the dielectric strength - measurement of resistance and dielectric strength test voltage of 500 V;
Protection device - two fuses on 10A, located in the instrument under the removable cover secured by two screws on the left side of the body;
E202 device for testing anchors alternators and starters should be stored in a heated room at an ambient temperature of +10 º C to +35 º C and relative humidity up to 80% at 20 º C ± 5 º C;
The storage should be free of dust, fumes acids, alkalis and gases that cause corrosion of metals and damage to the insulation;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the device unit E202 for testing anchors alternators and starters to the technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.