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technical documentation measurement and adjustment stand E-242:

E-242 description of the type of SI.


[pdf, 171kB]

    Measurement and adjustment stand E-242

    Also, this device can be called: E242, E 242, E-242, E242, E 242, Є-242, Є242, Є 242, e-242, e242, e 242
    Measurement and adjustment stand E-242 is intended for the diagnosis removed from the vehicle electrical equipment, generation of direct and alternating current, relay controllers, starters and switching relays.

    Stand E-242 allows you to perform the following tests:
    - Generators up to 6.5 kW at idle and under load;
    - Starters up to 11 kW at idle and full braking;
    - Relay controllers,
    - Pulling the starter relay,
    - Switching relay;
    - Electric units;
    - Armature windings;
    - Semiconductor devices;
    - Resistors.

    The principle of operation of the inspection booth E-242 is playing conditions for the equipment under test and the measurement of its output parameters.

    Specifications Stand E-242:
Temperature Ranges
Measuring ranges
Limits of error
Rotating speed
0-10000 rev / min
2000-10000 rev / min
± 3%
DC Power
0-5 A
A 0-50
A 0-150
0-5 A
A 0-40
A 0-125
± 2,5%
A 0-500
0-1500 A
A 0-300
0-1000 A
± 4%
Direct current voltage
0-40 In
4-16 In
8-32 In
± 1,5
In 24-32
In 13-15
In 26-30
In ± 0,1
In ± 0,2
0-25 N · m
0-100 N · m
10-20 N · m
20-80 N · m
± 10%
DC Resistance
1-100 ohm
10-1000 ohms
Ohm 100-10000
1000-100000 Ohm
± 4%

    Voltage three-phase AC - 220 V or 380 V.
    The frequency-phase AC - 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
    Installed capacity - not more than 20 kW.
    Overall dimensions of the stand E-242 - 1000h800h1530 mm.
    Weight - 400 kg.
    The design of the stand E-242 consists of a base, the instrument panel in the building, connected by intermediate supports.
    The base is made ​​of roll-formed sections and closes easily removable covers. Located on top of the tensioner mounting checked generators and the clamping device of the day fixing starters.     The base has a front panel, which removed the handle regulator output voltage of the power supply mode selector switch, dimmer switch and the load.

    At the front of the stand E-242 are also:
    - The button "Start" and "Stop";
    - Terminal for connection of the starter;
    - Indicator light;
    - Safety;
    - Automatic switch network.

    Inside the bases of power supply, power supply circuits of measurement, monitoring, control and alarm unit load, the drive motor. At the intermediate pillars stand E-242 connectors are positioned in the force sensor and illuminator pocket illuminator, the pins to set the site for relay control.

    Located on the instrument panel:
    - Measurement;
    - Controls the measuring circuits;
    - Plugs and sockets for electrical equipment inspected;
    - MIL.
    Supplied stands:

    - Stand the test of control and model E-242 - 1 pc.
    - Technical description and user manual - 1 pc.
    - Passport - 1 pc.
    - Kit - 1 pc.
    - Spare Part - 1 pc.

Photos: E-242

E-242 the measurement and adjustment stand.
E-242 the measurement and adjustment stand.
E-242 measurement and inspection stand device for mounting a starter.
E-242 measurement and inspection stand device for mounting a starter.
E-242 measurement and inspection stand dashboard.
E-242 measurement and inspection stand dashboard.