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Angular rate sensor gyro DUSVCh2-M30AS

Also, this device can be called: DUSVCh2M30AS, DUSVCh2 M30AS, DUSVCh2M3OAS.


DUSVCh2-M30AS angular rate sensor gyro is a measuring means by which it is possible to determine the orientation of the body in a particular angular velocity of the body.


Measuring range of angular velocities - 30º/s.



- using the measurements at each time point can be determined a complete phase state vector;

- there are no restrictions with respect to the relative position of the Sun or the Earth.



- can not measure the speed of some of the statements above;

- can not be measured accurately than is allowed noise level;

- as inevitably some error in the job position at the initial time, the further definition of the orientation error occurs.


The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance sensors DUSVCh2-M30AS all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.