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    Uniform angular velocity sensor DUSU2-30V
    Also, this device can be called: DUSU230V, DUSU-2-30V, DUSU2-30-B, DUSU2 30 V, 30 V DUSU2.
    The angular velocity sensor unified DUSU2-30V are designed to measure the angular velocity of the object and the issuance of an electrical signal proportional to the angular velocity of the control system and flight check.

    Specifications DUSU2-30V:

    Ranges the measure angular velocity - of ± 6 ° / s. up to ± 600 ° / sec.
    Sensor power supply:
    - The voltage to the potentiometer by DC - 5-30 V.
    - The voltage of the AC 3-phase current giromotor - 36 ± 3,6 V.
    - The frequency of the alternating current to giromotor 400 ± 8 Hz.
    - Consumption per phase alternating current - no more than 0.3 A.
    - Sensitivity sensor for measuring angular velocity range ± 6 ° / sec. should not be more than - 0,09 ° / sec.
    - DC power supply voltage of 27 V potentiometer and torque sensor output signal of the sensor for a range of ± 6 ° / sec. should be: 9.0-10.0V.

    Time ready angular velocity sensor DUSU2-30V to work - no more than 50 seconds.
    Weight - not more than 0.45 kg.
    The principle of the sensor velocity DUSU2-30V is based on a unified property of the gyroscope with two degrees of freedom to combine the angular momentum vector of the gyroscope angular velocity of rotation of the forced action perpendicular to the plane of the frame gyroscope.

    Terms of use:

    - Ambient temperature - from -60 ° C to +60 ° C;
    - Relative humidity at +40 ° C - 98%;
    - Sensor can withstand 35 g of linear acceleration in 3 axes mutually perpendicular directions.
    The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product of the angular velocity sensor DUSU2-30V unified technical requirements specifications subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: DUSU2-30V

DUSU2-30V sensor image.
DUSU2-30V sensor image.
DUSU2-30V sensor image.
DUSU2-30V sensor image.
DUSU2-30V front view.
DUSU2-30V front view.
DUSU2-30V side view.
DUSU2-30V side view.
DUSU2-30V rear view.
DUSU2-30V rear view.