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Uniform angular velocity sensor DUSU1-300B (DUSU1300B, DUSU-1-300B, DUSU 1 300B, DUSU-1 300B, DUSU1 300B)
Uniform angular velocity sensor DUSU1-300B is designed for the issuance of an electrical signal proportional to the angular velocity of articles about one of its axes.
Technical characteristics of the instrument angular velocity sensors aligned DUSU1-300B:
The range of measurement of angular velocity - ± 300 º / s;
Electrical items probe the angular velocities of a unified DUSU1-300B:
- DC 5V-30V;
- 3-phase AC voltage of 36V ± 3,6 V;
Alternating current is consumed by a sensor at the steady state operation - no more than 0.25 A per phase;
Time ready product angular velocity sensor is a unified DUSU1-300B - less than 1 minute;
The threshold of sensitivity - no more than 0.9%;
The output of the product in the absence of angular velocity:
- At normal temperature (25 º C ± 10 º C) - ± 0,15 V;
- At temperatures ranging from -60 º C to +60 º C - no more than ± 0,3 V;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product angular velocity sensor DUSU1-300B harmonized technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos DUSU1-300B

DUSU1-300B front view.
DUSU1-300B front view.
DUSU1-300B side view.
DUSU1-300B side view.