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DTA-10E Speed ​​sensor DTA-10E.


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Speed ​​sensor DTA-10E (DTA10E, DTA-10-E, DTA 10E)
Speed ​​sensor DTA-10E is designed for the issuance of an electrical signal, which is close to a sinusoid with a frequency proportional to the speed of the motor shaft on which the inductor.
Technical characteristics of the devices speed sensor DTA-10E:
Winding resistance sensor - 270 ohms ± 40 ohms;
The range of measurement speed device speed sensor DTA-10E - from 80ob/min to 7500ob/min;
The output voltage at the load of 2 ohms, depending on the speed - 1.25-6B at 1.5 ohm load;
Operating temperature range - from -60 º C to +250 º C;
Number of outputs - 1;
Dimensions of the device speed sensor DTA-10E - 51h55h44mm;
Weight - 0.2 kg;
The service life of the light period of storage - 8 years;
Shelf life of the device speed sensor DTA-10E - 4 years;
Connect the sensor to the external circuit by means of a connector assembly or soldering wires;
The device speed sensor DTA-10E is a generator of electric voltage pulses;
During the rotation of the motor field lines intersect the permanent magnet coils of the sensor coil, and it induces electrical voltage pulses, whose frequency is proportional to the frequency of rotation of the motor;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the device speed sensor DTA-10E requirements of technical specifications in compliance with the conditions of the consumer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.