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Dynamometer DT-002

Also this device can be called: DT002, DT 002, DTOO-2 DTOO2, DTOO 2.


DT-002 dynamometer mechanical tension is designed to measure slowly and smoothly varying efforts in statistical testing machines, structures and individual parts.


Specifications DT-002:


Ultimate load - 20 kgf.

Graduation DT-002 - 0,2 kgf.

Dial shape - round.

Housing material - metal.

Display type - an arrow.

Dimensions - 55×195×195 mm.

Weight - 2,850 kg.


Dynamometers DT-002 is a resilient steel cylindrical body with a mechanical dial gauge measuring and transition elements - threaded rod connected to an elastic element in the preparation of the work and latched locknuts under load.


In the power link dynamometer measured force is converted into deformation which directly or through transmission reported reading device.


Dynamometers DT-002 certified and listed in the state register of measuring instruments. The devices comply with requirements of the applicable technical specifications under normal use, storage and transportation.

Photos: DT-002

DT-002 device image.
DT-002 device image.
DT-002 front view.
DT-002 front view.
DT-002 side view.
DT-002 side view.
DT-002 rear view.
DT-002 rear view.
DT-002 overhead view.
DT-002 overhead view.