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Dynamometer DSP-7 (DSP7, DSP 7)
Dynamometer DSP-7 is designed to measure the weight load on the support bearing for centering shafts for adjusting the position of bearing on the load acting on them. Dynamometers work in pairs on the basis of the same indicator readings at full load.
Technical characteristics of the devices dynamometers DSP-7:
- Lower - 29400N (3000kgs, 3TC);
- Top - 98000N (10000kgs, 10ts);
The indicator needle should return to zero after each compression dynamometer load, exceeding the limit of 25%, followed by the unloaded;
Allowed deflection from zero (non-return to zero) at least 0.5 scale divisions;
Swipe (variation) dynamometer readings should not exceed 5% of the measured value
Response threshold dynamometer no more than 2.5% maximum of full scale;
The difference between each pair of load-cell readings shall not exceed 2.5% of the indicator is at full load with the lowest value;
Changing the average value of the dynamometer DSP-7 between the two verifications shall not exceed ± 5% of reading.

Photos ДСП-7

DSP-7 device image.
DSP-7 device image.
DSP-7 front view.
DSP-7 front view.
DSP-7 side view.
DSP-7 side view.