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DSOR 65-2,5-5 FDLR 65-2,5-5 synchronous motor single phase gear.

DSOR 65-2,5-5

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Electric motor single-phase synchronous DSOR 65-2,5-5 gear (DSOR652,55, DSOR-65-2,5-5, DSOR-652,55, DSOR 652,55, DSOR-65-2,5-5)
Electric motor single-phase synchronous DSOR 65-2,5-5 gear is designed to work as a driver for semi-automatic machine for processing glass lenses, has two windings on the stator - the main and auxiliary.
The shift of the phase currents carried by series capacitors in the auxiliary winding.Unipolar jet rotor is short-circuited winding in the form of a "squirrel cage", which serves to provide start-up and commissioning of the synchronous rotation of the motor. Engine DSOR 65-2,5-5 is made with gear that provides the required frequency of rotation of the output shaft.
Mode of the engine - a long and intermittent.
Product Specifications electric single-phase synchronous DSOR 65-2,5-5 gear:
Ambient temperature - from +5 ° C to +45 ° C;
Relative humidity - 98% at 25 ° C;
Vibratory loads in the frequency range 1Hz-100Hz with acceleration of 49.5 m / s 2;
Voltage - 220V ± 22V;
Supply voltage frequency DSOR 65-2,5-5 - 50Hz;
Synchronous speed - 5ob/min.;
Maximum torque - 4.5 Nm;
The current consumed by the engine - 0.09 A;
Overall dimensions
- Length - 124.5 mm;
- Diameter - 67.5 mm;
Weight - 0.8 kg;
Minimum time DSOR 65-2,5-5 - 1000ch. Average life - 5 years.