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     DSD2 motor-P1
    Also, this device can be called: DSD2P1, DSD2 P1, DSD-2-P1, DSD-2P1, 2P1 TDI, TDI 2-P1, dsd2p 1, dsd2-p 1, dsd2 p1.
    DSD2 motor-P1 synchronous.

Technical characteristics of the engine DSD2-P1

    Rated supply voltage of 220V.
    Rated supply frequency 50Hz.
    Rated power 15W.
    The number of turns 6580-6600.
    Wire diameter 0.16 mm PEL.
    Speed ​​of 2 rev / min.
    Dimensions - 60x70x60mm.

Photos ДСД2-П1

DSD2-P1 device image.
DSD2-P1 device image.
DSD2-P1 front view.
DSD2-P1 front view.
DSD2-P1 side view.
DSD2-P1 side view.
DSD2-P1 rear view.
DSD2-P1 rear view.