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    Dynamometer DRV-15M-2 (DRV15M2; DRV 15M 2, DRV-15m2, 15m2 DRV; DRV15M-2; DRV15M 2)
    Dynamometer DRV-15M-2 - a device for measuring the force or torque force.
    Measurement limits - 15kN, 50kN
    Type Indicator - mechanical (scale).
    Accuracy class - high-II.
    Overall dimensions - 1015 × 235 × 170mm.
    Weight - 38kg.

Specifications DRV-15M-2

    Dynamometers DRV-15M-2 admit the error of ± 2%. Of full scale device - 2.5 kN. The design of the DRV-15M-2 is an electrical signaling device that allows you to record the attainment of the specified value of the force.
    Dynamometer DRV-15M-2 corresponds to the Class 2 accuracy and is designed for indoor laboratory-type at ambient temperatures from -5 ° C to +40 ° C and a relative humidity of 98%.