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DRGB-01 (EKO-1)

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Dosimeter-radiometer DRGB-01 (EKO-1), DRGB-04.
    The device DRGB-01 is designed for radiation monitoring at various facilities, housing, workplaces, etc., as well as for monitoring of radionuclide contamination of raw materials, food, water.
    The device has three modes of measurement: F (equivalent dose γ - radiation - the detection and evaluation of the level of radiation safety), A (specific radioactivity determination of contamination of water, soil, food, building materials, goods and so on β and γ emitting radionuclides ), B (β particles flux density evaluation of radionuclide contamination of the surfaces of various items, clothes, body, etc.).
     Dosimeter household has an additional mode of the average count rate, it can be used as a search tool. DRGB-04 has an extended measurement range in comparison with the DRGB-01.


Technical characteristics
Type of ionizing radiation: γ-and β-radiation
The energy range of γ radiation: 0.06 - 1.25, 0.05-1.5 MeV
The energy of the detected radiation β: > 0.15 MeV
Measurement range of photon radiation equivalent dose (MED) 0.2 - 5.0 (20 - 500 mR / hr) 0,2-100 mSv / h
The basic error of DER in the field of radionuclide Cs-137 source (at doverit.ver-minute 95%): <15%
Measuring range of specific activity in samples containing p / nuclide Cs-137 source: 0.5 - 10.0 kBq / kg
The basic error of the measurement of the specific activity: <60%
Flux density measuring range β-particles: 0.2 - 9.9; 0,2-100
(1/s/sm 2)
The basic error of flux measurement: <20%
The range of measurement of the average pulse count rate (for DRGB-04): 0-2000 pulses / sec
Continuous working time: 30 hours
Dimensions: 180 x 85 x 55 mm
Weight: 360 g

Photos: DRGB-01 (EKO-1)

DRGB-01 (EKO-1) dosimeter-radiometer image.
DRGB-01 (EKO-1) dosimeter-radiometer image.