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DPU-5-2-U2 Dynamometer DPU-5-2-U2 general


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Dynamometer DPU-5-2-U2 General Purpose (DPU5-2-U2, DPU 5-2-U2, DPU-52-U2, DPU-5 2-U2, DPU52-U2, DPU5 2-Y2, DPU 52-U2 , DPU 5 2-U2)
Dynamometer DPU-5-2-U2 General purpose designed to measure the static tensile forces as well as efforts towline.
Dimensions - 860h235h170mm.
Class of accuracy of the instrument - 2.
Technical characteristics of the devices dynamometers DPU5-2-U2 General Purpose:
The limits of measurement efforts:
- Lower - 5.0 kN (0.5 gauss);
- Top - 50kN (5gs);
Scale - 0.5 kN (0.05 G);
The limits of the basic reduced error readings dynamometer DPU-5-2-Y2 correspond to ± 2% of the maximum limit of measurement;
Limit of acceptable evidence of variation corresponds to the absolute value of the limit of acceptable basic error;
The limits of additional error due to changes in ambient temperature, the operating temperature range of non-normal conditions of temperature, corresponds to 0.25 of the basic error for every 10 º C;
The threshold of the instrument response dynamometer DPU-5-2-U2 does not exceed 0.5% of the maximum limit of measurement;
Overpressure no more than 50% of the maximum limit of measurement;
Failure to return the arrows on the zero point of the scale after removal of the load does not exceed 0.5 scale division value;
Weight - no more than 2.5 kg;
The probability of failure of the device dynamometer DPU-5-2-U2 for 2000ch. of not less than 0.94.Technical resource - at least 10 years.

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