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DPU-20-2 2t (20kN)

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Dynamometer DPU-20-2 2t (20kN) General Purpose (DPU20-2, DPU 20-2, DPU-202, DPU-20 2, DPU202, DPU20 2, DPU 202, DPU 20 2)
Dynamometer DPU-20-2 General Purpose used to measure the static tensile forces, graduated in kilonewtons, and is designed to operate in ambient temperatures from -10 º C to +45 º C and a relative humidity of 60%.
Dimensions - 560h280h150mm.
Technically skilled instrument performance dynamometers DPU-20-2 General Purpose:
Range of measurement
- The smallest - 2kN (200kgs)
- The largest - 20.0 kN (2000kgs, 2n);
Graduation - 0.2 kN (20kgs)
The limits of the basic reduced error of ± 2%;
When the load is removed from the dynamometer arrow indicating device shall be zeroed with an accuracy of 0.5 scale division of the scale;
Limits additional error dynamometer DPU-20-2 2t (20kN), due to changes in ambient temperature in the operating temperature range, other than the normal temperature conditions, the basic error of 0.25 for every 10 º C;
Limit of acceptable variation dynamometer readings do not exceed the absolute value of the limit of acceptable basic error;
Response threshold - not more than 0.5% of the maximum limit of measurement;
Overpressure - 50% of the largest full scale;
Weight - no more than 10kg;
Full average life of the instrument DPU-20-2 2m (20kN) of at least 10 years.

Photos: DPU-20-2 2t (20kN)

DPU-20-2 dynamometer image.
DPU-20-2 dynamometer image.
DPU-20-2 front view.
DPU-20-2 front view.
DPU-20-2 side view (loops).
DPU-20-2 side view (loops).
DPU-20-2 side view.
DPU-20-2 side view.
DPU-20-2 side view (loops).
DPU-20-2 side view (loops).
DPU-20-2 rear view.
DPU-20-2 rear view.