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17 pieces
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Year of manufacture: 2017 or on request storage.


The motor DPR-40-1,5-700 DC (DPR40-1,5-700, DPR 40-1,5-700, DPR-40 1,5-700, DPR40 1,5-700, DPR 40 1,5-700, DPR-40-1,5700, DPR40 1,5700, DPR 40-1,5 700, DPR401,5700)
The motor DPR-40-1,5-700 DC is the dc electrical machines with independent excitation.Designed for use in automated vacuum ceramic stoves with microprocessor control.
To reduce the frequency of rotation of the output shaft of the motor end of the DPR-40-1 ,5-700 is equipped with built-in mechanical gearbox.
Product Specifications motors DPR-40-1,5-700
Voltage - 27V ± 2,7 V;
Supply current - 1.0 A;
Rated Power - 1.5 W;
Rotational speed - 700ob/min.;
Nominalnіy torque - 0.0981 N ∙ m;
Overall dimensions of the DPR-40-1 ,5-700
- Length - 100mm;
- Diameter - 40mm.
Weight - 0.36 kg;
Minimum time - 1000ch. Engine life DPR-40-1,5-700 for 8 years.

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