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ДП-63-А Dosimeter DP-63-A.


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Dosimeter DP-63-A (DP63A, DP 63 A, DP63-A, DP63 A, PD-63A, 63A DP)
Dosimeter DP-63-A is designed to detect contamination of ground beta-gamma and gamma-active substances and assess the levels of gamma radiation.
Technical characteristics of the devices dosimeters DP-63-A:
Measurement range - from 0.1 R / h up to 50F / h
- 0.1 R / hr to 1.5 R / h;
- 1.5 R / h up to 50F / h;
Dosimeter device works DP-63-A of the two power supplies 1.6 to 50 PMC continuous hours;
Weight - 750g;
Preparation time dosimeter device DP-63-A to work for 1-2 minutes.