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    Meter dose (roentgenometer, dosimeter) DP-5VB (DP5VB, DP-5-VB, DP5-VB, DP5 VB, DP 5VB, DP5, DP-5, DP 5) performed in moisture, Dust, frost, shock-proof housing.
    Are an instrument for professional use.
    Designed for emergency workers at the plant, headquarters defense and military.          
    Used to verify the contaminated land and property after the accidents at nuclear power plants and nuclear explosions.
Can also be used as an industrial (scrap inspection, berries and mushrooms, minerals), as well as for domestic purposes (checking food items, goods, transport, buildings).
    Technical resource - at least 25,000 hours.
    The service life of DP-5VB - at least 15 years.

    Using a dosimeter DP-5VB analogous to use of the dosimeter DP-5V:

    Verification of radiation materials (wood, concrete, scrap metal) for radiation contamination.
Tree Reinforced concrete debris Stump
Check radiation dosimeter DP-5V: wood Check radiation dosimeter DP-5V: concrete debris Check radiation dosimeter DP-5V: stump
Scrap Metal Spent metal slag Boarding the plane
Check radiation dosimeter DP-5B: scrap metal Check radiation dosimeter DP-5V: metal waste slag Check radiation dosimeter DP-5V: covering aircraft
    Measurement of beta-and gamma-radiation of food: milk, meat, mushrooms, berries, potatoes, beets, carrots, cereals, other food products.

Measurement of beta-and gamma-radiation dosimeter DP-5V: mushrooms Measurement of beta-and gamma-radiation dosimeter DP-5V: berries Measurement of beta-and gamma-radiation dosimeter DP-5V: berries
Measurement of beta- and gamma- radiation dosimeter DP-5V: vegetables Measurement of beta-and gamma-radiation dosimeter DP-5B: vegetables. One can see the panel. Dosimeter DP-5V: panel.

    Robot mode of the dosimeter DP-5VB gate viznachaєtsya provisions metalevogo bezposeredno on detektorі.
Open position: measurement of beta and gamma radiation Closed position: measurement of gamma radiation only. He is also a state of storing sensor
Open position: measurement of beta and gamma radiation (dosimeter DP-5V) Closed position: measurement of gamma radiation only. He is also the state of storing the sensor (dozmetr DP-5V)

    Measurement range of gamma radiation from 0 to 0.05 mR / h and 0.05 mR / h to 200r / h in the energy range from 0.084 MeV (170Tm) to 1.25 MeV (60Co).

    So, how dosimeters are primarily intended to identify strong sources of contamination (mR / hr and R / h), normalized so that the measuring range starts with 50mkR / h.
    Before 50mkR/chas (pollution within the natural background) measured on the same scale from 0 to an intermediate point 50mkR/chas 25mkR/chas, but is not normalized metrological parameter (the error may exceed the allowable limits for small), but this is sufficient to detect fluctuations of the natural radiation background.

    Meters dose (roentgenometer, dosimeters) DP-5VB   designed to measure gamma radiation and radioactive contamination of various objects in gamma rays.Exposure dose of gamma radiation is determined millir entgenah or roentgens per hour for one point in space, which is placed in the measurement block detection device.In addition, it is possible to detect beta radiation.

    Technical data

    Meter dose of DP-5VB provides the required characteristics after 1 minute samoprogreva. Measurement range of gamma rays from 0.05 mR / h to 200r / h   in the energy range from 0.084 MeV (170Tm) to 1.25 MeV (60Co).Meter dose of DP-5V has six sub-ranges of measurements (Table 1). The countdown is on a scale readings, followed by multiplying the corresponding coefficient sub-bands, and, working is part of the scale outlined by the solid line. Meters dose of DP-5V are audible indication at all sub-bands, except the first.
Table 1
Position of the handle switch Scale Measurement unit The limits of measurement
1 200 0-200r/h R / h 5-200r / h
2 h1000 0 5mR/h mR / h 500 5000mR / h
3 x100 0 5mR/h mR / h 50 500mR / h
4 x10 0 5mR/h mR / h 5 50mR / h
5 x1 0 5mR/h mR / h 0.5 5mR / h
6 x0, a 0 5mR/h mR / h 0.05-0.5 mR / h
The main relative error of measurement apparatus DP-5VB in normal climatic conditions does not exceed ± 30% of the measured value by irradiation 60 Co radioactive source.

    Note: Under normal weather conditions means: temperature 293 ± 5 K (20 ± 5 ° C), relative humidity of 65 ± 15%, atmospheric pressure 100 ± 4 kPa (750 ± 30 mm Hg. Art..) 
    Dosimeter DP-5VB provides a measure:
    at temperatures ranging from minus 50 to plus 50 ° C and relative humidity of 65 ± 15%;
   in relative humidity of 95 ± 3% at 40 ± 2 ° C;
   after irrigation with an intensity of 5 ± 2 mm / min;
   when immersed in water, the detection unit to a depth of 0.5 m;
   after a stay in pylenesuschey environment.

The dependence of the readings of DP-5VB from gamma-radiation energy does not exceed ± 40% relative to testimony at an energy of 0.66 MeV (137Cs) in the energy range from 0.084 MeV (70Tm) to 1.25 MeV (60 60 Co).Measurement readings DP-5VB, depending on the direction of flow of ionizing radiation (anisotropy) does not exceed ± 60% of energy 1.25 MeV, 70% of energy 0.66 MeV, 90% at 0.084 MeV of energy.
    Additional measurement error for every 10 ° C change in temperature readings from the DP-5VB in, under normal conditions does not exceed:
    in the temperature range from 20 to 50 ° C ± 10%;
    at temperatures ranging from plus 20 to minus 50 ° C ± 5%.

    Dosimeter DP-5VB has no "reverse" direction microammeter in transshipment exposures to 300R / h for 1-3 sub-bands and up to 50F / h for 4-6 sub-bands. 
    That is the maximum observed value stores the radiation. This is convenient because it does not have to constantly look at the timeline.

Power supply of DP-5VB is provided from 3 batteries, one of which is used only for illumination of the scale of the microammeter to work in dark conditions. Set power supply ensures continuous operation of the unit DP-5VB without the illumination of the scale under normal conditions for at least 55 hours, provided that the power consumption of less than 20mA it at the beginning of the discharge elements.
    Dosimeter DP-5VB remains serviceable after the following mechanical and environmental impacts:
vibration in the frequency range from 10 to 80 Hz with an acceleration of 30 m / s 2;
beats with a frequency of 80-120 beats / min with an acceleration of 150 m / s 2;
Transport shake with an acceleration of 1000 m / s 2 with a frequency of 80-120 beats / min;
    falling from a height of 500 mm;
    after exposure to extreme temperatures plus 65 and minus 50 ° C.

The apparatus dosimeter DP-5VB:
DP-5VB - Meter dose - The apparatus.

1.Dosimeter DP5VB
  2.Leather Case
 3. Belt
  4.Headphones (for wheather-protection).
 5. Holder
 6.  Technical details
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8. Batteries 3pc.
9. Wooden box styling

Photos DP-5VB

DP-5VB device image.
DP-5VB device image.
DP-5VB delivery set.
DP-5VB delivery set.