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Dose rate meter, dosimeter DP-5B (rentgenmetr) (DP5B, DP 5 B, DP-5-B, DP5-B, DP5 B, DP 5B, DP5, DP-5, DP 5) is executed in a lag-, p ylezaschischennom , frost proof, shock-proof enclosure.

Is a device for professional use.
Designed for the liquidators of accidents at nuclear power plants, defense and military headquarters.
Used to test contaminated land and property after the accidents at nuclear power plants and nuclear explosions.
It may also ispolzovat both industrial (check scrap metal, berries and mushrooms, minerals) as well as for domestic purposes (check food items, goods, transport, buildings).
Service life - at least 25,000 hours.
The service life of DP-5B - not less than 15 years.
Dose rate meter DP-5B (rentgenmetr) is designed to measure levels of gamma radiation and radioactive contamination of various subjects by gamma radiation. The exposure dose rate of gamma radiation shall millirentgenah or x-rays per hour for a point in space where the probe is placed in measuring instrument. Furthermore, it is possible to detect beta radiation.

Technical characteristics of the instrument dose rate meters DP-5B (rentgenmetry)
- The device provides the required performance after 1 minute samoprogreva;
- Measuring range of gamma radiation of 0.05 mR / h up to 200p / h in the energy range from 0.084 MeV (Tm 170) to 1.25 meV (Over 60);
- The unit DP-5B has 6 sub-band measurements (Table 1);
- The readout on a scale followed by a multiplication factor for the corresponding sub-band. Lots of scale from zero to the first significant digit are holidays.
- The device has an audible indication at all subbands other than the first one.
Table 1. 6 sub-band measurements of devices DP-5B
Handle Switch
The limits of measurement
p / h
mr / h
mr / h
mr / h
mr / h
x0, 1
mr / h
- The basic error of the measurement device in normal climatic conditions does not exceed ± 30% of the measured value when irradiated with radioactive 60 Co source.
Note. Under normal climatic conditions are defined as the ambient temperature +20 ° C ± 5 ° C, pressure 750 ± 30 mm Hg, ambient relative humidity of 65 ± 15%.
- The unit DP-5B provides a measurement:
a) at temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to +50 ° C and relative humidity of 65 ± 15%;
b) at a relative humidity of 95 ± 3% at a temperature of +35 ° C;
c) after sprinkling with the intensity of 5 mm ± 2 mm per minute;
d) immersion of the probe into the water to a depth of 50cm;
d) after exposure to pylenesuschey environment;
- General error measurement device in the temperature range from -40 ° C to +50 ° C does not exceed ± 10% for every 10 ° C change in temperature from the readings in normal conditions.
- Dependence of the unit DP-5B of gamma-ray energy range from 0.084 MeV (Tm 170) to 1.25 meV (Over 60) in the measurements should not exceed 60% of the measured value on the Co 60;
- The device does not have a "reverse" direction micro-ammeter with transshipment exposures to 300r / h in sub-bands 200p / h, h1000r / h, h100r / h and up to 1p / h in sub-bands x10, xl, x0, 1;
- The greatest time of observation readings required to obtain a guaranteed accuracy of reading is not more than 45s;
- Power supply unit dose rate meter DP-5B (rentgenmetr) is from 3 elements, one of which is used only for illumination scale micro-ammeter to work in conditions of darkness. Power Supply Kit provides continuous operation of the unit without the illumination of the scale in normal conditions for at least 40 hours, which is provided by its current consumption is not more than 25 mA at the beginning of the discharge elements;
- The device can withstand shaking with acceleration 30m/sek 2 and a frequency of 15Hz, 50Hz, and transport shaking.
Scope of supply:
1.       Dosimeter DP-5B
2.       Leather Case
3.       Belt
4.       Headphones
5.       Rod extension
6.       Repair Kit
7.       Technical description
8.       Form

Photos ДП-5Б

DP-5B device image.
DP-5B device image.
DP-5B device image.
DP-5B device image.
DP-5B accessories and spare parts.
DP-5B accessories and spare parts.
DP-5B delivery set.
DP-5B delivery set.
DP-5B front view.
DP-5B front view.
DP-5B side view.
DP-5B side view.
DP-5B overhead view.
DP-5B overhead view.