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Meter dose (rentgenmetr, dosimeter) DP-5A (DP5A, DP 5 A, DP-5-A, DP5-A, DP5 A, DP 5A, DP5, DP-5, DP 5)
Meter dose (roentgenometer, dosimeter), DP-5A is executed in moisture, Dust, frost, shock-proof housing.
Is an instrument for professional use.
Designed for emergency workers at the plant, headquarters of GO and the military.         
Used to verify the contaminated land and property after the accidents at nuclear power plants and nuclear explosions.
Can also be used as industrial (scrap metal inspection, mushrooms and berries, minerals), as well as for domestic purposes (testing of food products, items, goods, transport, buildings).
One of the main advantages of the DP-5A dosimeters over other radiometers and dosimeters household is a built-in reference source calibration signal B-8.
With this calibrator, the user may at any time to check dosimeter JP-5 at the serviceability and accuracy. That is, people in contaminated areas or when checking the radiation levels can be 100% sure that it defective dosimeter, and not just something to show.
To do this, compare the readings in calibration mode with the number specified in the passport verification instrument after another.
The range of measurements of gamma radiation from 0mR / hr to 0.05 mR / h and 0.05 mR / h to 200r / h in the energy range from 0.084 MeV (170Tu) to 1.25 MeV (60Co).
So, as dosimeters are primarily intended to identify strong sources of contamination (mR / h and R / h), normalized so that the measuring range begins with 50mkR / h.
Before 50mkR/chas (pollution within the natural background) is measured on the same scale from 0 to an intermediate point 50mkR/chas 25mkR/chas, but is not normalized metrological parameter (the error may exceed the permissible limits in a small), but it is enough to detect fluctuations of natural background radiation.
Meters dose (roentgenometer, dosimeters) DP-5A are designed to measure levels of gamma radiation and radioactive contamination of various objects in gamma rays.Exposure dose of gamma radiation is defined in the x-rays or millirentgenah per hour for one point in space, which is placed in measuring block detection device. In addition, it is possible to detect beta radiation.
Technical characteristics of the instrument gauges dose of DP-5A:
Rentgenmetr DP-5A provides the desired characteristics after 1 minute samoprogreva.
The range of measurements of gamma radiation from 0.05 mR / h to 200r / h in the energy range from 0.084 MeV (170Tu) to 1.25 MeV (60Co).
Meter dose of DP-5A has six sub-ranges of measurements (Table1).
The countdown is on a scale reading followed by multiplying the corresponding coefficient sub-bands, and, working is part of the scale outlined by the solid line.
Meters dose of DP-5A have a sound indication of sub-bands at all, except the first.
Table 1: measuring instrument subranges dosimeter DP-5A
Handle position switch
Measurement unit
R / h
mR / h
mR / h
mR / h
mR / h
x0, 1
mR / h
Basic relative error of measurement device in normal climatic conditions do not exceed ± 35% of the measured value during irradiation 60Co radioactive source.
Note: under normal climatic conditions mean: temperature 293 K ± 5 K (20 º C ± 5 ° C), relative humidity 65% ​​± 15%, atmospheric pressure is 100kPa ± 4kPa ( ±
Dosimeter DP-5A provides a measure:
- In the range of temperatures - from -40 º C to +50 ° C and a relative humidity of 65% ± 15%;
- In conditions of relative humidity of 95% ± 3% at +30 ° C;
- After sprinkling with intensity 5mm/min ± 2mm/min;
- Immersion in water detection unit to a depth of 0.5 m;
- After a stay in pylenesuschey environment.
The dependence of the meter readings dose of DP-5A on the energy of the gamma radiation does not exceed ± 60% relative indications at an energy of 0.66 MeV (137Cs) in the energy range from 0.084 MeV (170Tu) to 1.25 MeV (60So).Measurement readings DP-5A, depending on the direction of flow of ionizing radiation (anisotropy), not to exceed ± 60% at 1.25 MeV energy, 70% on energy 0.66 MeV, 90% at 0.084 MeV of energy.
Additional measurement error in the temperature range from -40 º C to +50 º C does not exceed:
- 0.35% of measured value per 1 º C change in temperature (on average) at temperatures from +20 º C ± 5 º C to -40 º C;
- 0.7% of measured value per 1 º C change in temperature (on average) at temperatures from +20 º C ± 5 º C to +50 º C;
Dosimeter DP-5A does not have "reverse" direction microammeter when reloading exposures to 300R / h at 1-3 sub-bands and to 1R / h for 4-6 sub-bands.
The greatest time of observation of reading required to get a guaranteed accuracy of reference, not prevyshaet45s.
Power supply meter dose DP-5A is powered by two batteries of type PMC-X 1.6-1, 05 (CB-1). Set power ensures continuous operation under normal conditions for at least 40 hours with fresh items.
The device has a transitional device that allows you to feed device from outside sources, DC power supply 3V, 6V and 12V.
Scale microammeter highlighted. Light meals made from one single item 1.6 PMC-X-1, 05 (CB-1).
The device rentgenmetr DP-5A can withstand the shaking with an acceleration of 30m / s 2 and frequency 20Hz-50Hz, and transport shaking.
Size main unit blocks shall not exceed:
- Remote control - 90h140h210mm;
- Probe with handle - diameter - 55mm, length - 310mm;
- Laying box - 490h125h300mm.
Weight of the device measuring the dose rate of DP-5A with batteries (without case and auxiliary equipment) - not bolee2, 1kg.
Weight complete kit of instruments in the laying box does not exceed 7.6 kg.
MTBF - at least 400 hours.
The service life of the instrument dosimeter DP-5A - at least 15 years.
- Dosimeter DP-5A in a case with straps and a control source of 90Sr-90Y;
- Extension Rod;
- Power strip for connecting the device to an external DC power supply 3V, 6V and 12V;
- Batteries 1.6 PMC-X-1, 05 (CB-1);
- A set of operational documentation: technical description and user manual, a passport;
- A set of spares;
- Laying box.

Photos DP-5A

DP-5A device image.
DP-5A device image.
DP-5A accessories and spare parts.
DP-5A accessories and spare parts.
DP-5A delivery set.
DP-5A delivery set.
DP-5A front view.
DP-5A front view.
DP-5A side view.
DP-5A side view.