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    Dipole DP-3 (DP3; DP 3)

    Dipole DP-3 - measuring antenna, designed to measure the intensity of the field, as well as to measure and control the field strength interference.
    Frequency - 300MHz - 1000MHz.
    Rod antenna - broadband dipole with a conically formed elements of the dipole.
    Mode - continuous.
    Type of polarization - linear.
    Output Impedance - 50Om.
    The calibration factor - 20.5 dB - 26.5 dB.
    Connecting plug on THL 200-8081 - jack 50Om 7/16.
    Dimensions - 400 × 136 × 136mm.
    Weight - 0.6 kg.
    The design of DP-3
    Dipole DP-3 is a compact unit. In case of sealing resin disposed against each half of the high frequency oscillator and a tank plug 7/16, 50Om which serves for mechanical and electrical connection with the carrier-type antenna structure R 2 AT.
    Half of the radiator DP-3 are designed to achieve broad-band like the body, the cone angle is 60 º C. Slight weight and small wind load is achieved by making the skeleton emitters (brass tube measuring 6 × 0,5 mm).
    Inside the housing 3 of DP-sealing resin disposed balun unit that forms an electrical connection with the high-frequency emitters hull plug.

    Specifications DP-3
    The symmetry of the DP-3 is at least 20 dB. Dipole DP-3 in combination with a supporting structure 2 antenna ATR, FE lift unit 2 and an RF connection cable LE 60 for measuring field intensity of linearly polarized radiation field, in particular for interference field strength measurement.
    Dipole DP-3 works with selective Microvoltmeter 50Om input impedance, in particular type SMV8.5.
    The maximum error of the calibrated antenna DP-3 using the measuring receiver SMV8.5 factor for matching the input impedance of the receiver is 1.5 dB, 2dB.
    The smallest measurable field strength in the application SMV8.5 a bandwidth of 20 kHz depending on the frequency according to the coefficient "K":
    - From 300 MHz to 600 MHz - 20.5 dB to 26, 5 dB;
    - From 600 MHz to 1000 MHz - 26.5 dB-32, 5 dB.
    DP-3 for the highest measured sinusoidal field strength in the application SMV8.5 dependent on the frequency according to the coefficient "K" - 125dB - 137dB.
    Products DP-3 are able to withstand shocks 6ms, 12g acceleration, at 1,000 beats per minute.
    Antennas DP-3 are splash-and dust-proof and designed for use at ambient temperatures - from -30 º C to +50 º C.

Photos: DP-3

DP-3 dipole image.
DP-3 dipole image.
DP-3 front view.
DP-3 front view.
DP-3 side view.
DP-3 side view.
DP-3 overhead view.
DP-3 overhead view.
DP-3 bottom view.
DP-3 bottom view.