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DOSM-3-50U Dynamometer DOSM-3-50 standard portable


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Dynamometer DOSM-3-50 standard portable (DOSM-3-50U 5098, DOSM350, DOSM 3 50, DOSM3-50, DOSM 3-50, DOSM-350, DOSM-3 50, DOSM3 50, DOSM 350)
Dynamometer DOSM-3-50U 5098 exemplary portable third category is designed to measure the static tensile strength and compression (respectively) for periodic verification and testing tensile machine presses. Mechanical dynamometers are elastic steel cylindrical body with a mechanical dial gauge measurement.
Technical characteristics of the devices dynamometers DOSM-3-50 portable model:
- Greatest - 50kN (5ts);
- The smallest - 5kN (5kgs)
Price smallest division mechanical dynamometer reading device - 0.2% of the maximum limit of measurement.
The scope of indications of mechanical dynamometer DOSM-3-50 (the difference between the highest and lowest readings of the 3 measurements for increasing and decreasing loads) in the measuring range of the maximum limit of measurement of reading:
- From 10% to 20% - less than 0.5%;
- From 20% to 10 0% - not more than 0.3%.
The difference in the mean readings of mechanical dynamometer DOSM-3-50 for loading and unloading at 50% load - less than 0.5% of the measured value.
Dimensions - 80h195mm.
Weight DOSM-3-50 - 3.4 kg.

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