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DOSM-3-30U Dynamometer DOSM-3-30 standard portable


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Dynamometer DOSM-3-30 standard portable (DOSM-3-30U 5023, DOSM 3-30U 5023, DOSM3-30, DOSM330, DOSM-330 DOSM 330)

Dynamometer DOSM-3-30U 5097 laptop model is designed for calibration of measuring instruments working in accordance with GOST.
Dimensions - 235x160x115mm.
Technical characteristics of the devices dynamometers DOSM-3-30 5023 model portable:
- Greatest - 30kN (3tf);
- The smallest - 3kN (300kgf);
Price smallest division of the scale from the largest measurement limit - no more than 0.2%;
Scope readings dynamometer (the difference between the highest and lowest readings of the three dimensions) for increasing and decreasing load does not exceed:
- From 10% to 20% - less than 0.5% of reading;
- More than 20% to 100% - no more than 0.3% of reading;
The value difference in the readings dynamometer DOSM-3-30 for loading and unloading at 50% load is not more than 0.5% of the measured value.
The sensitivity threshold of the dynamometer is not more than 0.02% of the maximum limit of measurement.
Metrological characteristics do not exceed the permitted limits, after exceeding the maximum limit of 10% of measurements.
When unloading the dynamometer DOSM-3-30 failure to return a pointer to the zero mark no more than 0.5 division.
Precious materials are free.
Weight - no more than 2.95 kg.
Total average service line dynamometer - 12 years.

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