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ДО-40МГ4 Strength meter tension to-40MG4.


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Strength meter tension DO-40MG4 (DO40MG4, DO-40-MG4, DO 40 MG4, DO 40MG4)
Strength meter tension DO-40MG4 designed for operational production control tension force and the cable wire reinforcement concrete structures by side guy, as well as control efforts in cable and cable braces.
Technical characteristics of the instrument gauges the tension DO-40MG4:
Diameter-controlled valves - 3mm to 6mm;
The free length of the controlled device measuring the tensile force of DO-40MG4 fittings - at least 1m;
Controlled range effort - 2kN-40kN;
Basic relative error of the instrument measuring the tensile force of DO-40MG4 - no more than 3%;
Own base - 300 mm;
Power supply tension to strength meter DO-40MG4 - from batteries, "Emery» (6LR1, 6F22) 6V-9V;
Weight - 2.3 kg;
Instruments measuring the tensile force of DO-40MG4 provide measurement of the tension force in the free length of 1 meter valves are equipped with non-volatile memory of the measurement results, have a connection to a PC. Indication of measurements made ​​on the digital display in kG and IPA;
Field of application - manufacture of precast concrete, reinforced high-strength reinforcement class VR-II (In-II), K-7 (sleepers, poles power lines, continuous concrete products, etc.) and control efforts in guyed masts relay and cellular pipe supports;
The instruments measuring the tensile force DO-40MG4 can select the diameter of the valve, allowing the recorded due to the software device calibration curve, determine the tension force of the valve and the tension in it with high accuracy;
The devices have a non-volatile memory for 99 measurements, with PC real-time clock;
The apparatus measuring the tensile force of DO-40MG4:
- Electronic control unit;
- Packing case;
Vehicle Operation Manual
on request:
- Cable for connection to a computer;
- CD with software;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument measuring the tensile force of DO-40MG4 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.