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ДМГ-5 Dosimeter DMH-5.


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Dosimeter DMH-5 (DMG5, DMG 5)
Dosimeter DMH-5 is designed to measure the absorbed dose rate of gamma radiation.
Scope of use and implementation of the instrument - the armed forces, units of the Ministry of emergency situations, civil defense, nuclear power plants, businesses that use ionizing radiation sources, stations are metal, construction materials testing, customs offices, etc.
Technical characteristics of the devices dosimeters DMH-5:
Operating temperature range - from -50 º C to +50 ° C;
Measured absorbed dose of gamma radiation in the energy range 0.084 MeV-1, 25MeV - 5 ∙ 10 ² R/ch-200R/ch;
Limits indicate the flux density of beta radiation with energies of 2.27 MeV - 50beta-particles / (cm min ∙ ²)-50000beta-particles / (cm min ∙ ²);
Power supply dosimeter DMH-5 - 2 cells A343 3V;
Overall dimensions
- Remote control - 172h102h116mm;
- Detection unit - 46h170mm;
- Rod from detection unit - up to 910mm ot560mm;
- Laying box - 402h262h142mm;
Unit weight dosimeter DMH-5 (with case, straps, and telephone) - 3.5 kg.