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DKI-1,6-ZAT Motor DKI-1 ,6-ZAT asynchronous run.


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The motor DKI-1,6-ZAT driven asynchronous (DKI1,6ZAT, DKI 1,6 ZAT, DKI1,6-ZAT, DKI 1,6-ZAT, DKI-1,6ZAT, DKI-1,6 ZAT, DKI 1,6 ZAT, DKI 1,6ZAT, DKI-1,6ZAT, DKI 1,6ZAT)
Product Specifications motors DKI-1,6-ZAT driven asynchronous:
Supply voltage winding - 127V ± 6V;
Supply voltage control winding - 220 ± 1,8 V;
AC Input Frequency - 50Hz;
Rated power DKI-1,6-ZAT - 1.6 W;
Rated speed - 1800ob/min.