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ДКГ-РМ1621 Dosimeter DKG-RM1621.


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Dosimeter DKG-RM1621 (DKGRM1621, DKG RM1621, DKGRM-1621 DKGRM 1621)
Dosimeter DKG-RM1621 is designed to measure personal dose equivalent and personal dose equivalent power of gamma and X-rays in the range of 0.1 Sv / h, in the range of radiation energies from 0.01 MeV to 20MeV.
Technical characteristics of the devices dosimeters DKG-RM1621:
Operating temperature range - -40 º C to +60 ° C;
Relative humidity - up to 98% at 35 ° C;
Detector type device dosimeter DKG-RM1621 - Geiger-Mueller;
Display range of dose rate - 0.01 mkZv/ch-0, 2Zv / h, Hp (10);
Limit of permissible relative error of the unit dose dosimeter DKG-RM1621(H - dose rate in mSv / h) - ± (15 +0,015 / H +0,01 H)% (range 0.01 to mkZv/ch-0, 1Zv / h );
Dose measurement - 0.01 mSv-9 99Zv;
Maximum permissible relative error of measurement of the dose - ± 15% (range 1mkZv-9 99Zv);
Energy range - 10.0 keV-20 0MeV;
Energy response relative to the energy of 0.662 MeV (Cs-137) over the entire range of measurement instrument dosimeter DKG-RM1621 - ± 30%;
Survive after brief exposure for 5 minutes gamma radiation maximum permissible dose 1Zv / h;
Standards Compliance - dosimeter DKG-RM1621 satisfies most requirements ANSI N42, 20 and IEC 61526;
Type of alarm - sound;
Dimensions - 87x72x35mm;
Weight - 150g;
Environmental protection IP67;
The device dosimeter DKG-RM1621 is resistant to a fall onto concrete from a height of 0.7 m;
The housing is stable when immersed in water to a depth of 1 m;
Power supply - battery type device dosimeter DKG-RM1621 one AA battery;
Time of continuous operation of the device from a battery, at least 12 months;
Low battery indication - Indication on the display;
Additional functions of the device dosimeter DKG-RM1621:
- Stopwatch;
- Indication of time remaining meter of availability depending on the current measured values ​​of DE and DER;
- IR port for connection to PC;
- Save the 1000 events in the history of the instrument.