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    Electric motor collector DK-62-60-15
    Also, this device can be called: DK62-60-15, DK 62-60-15, DK626015, DK 62 60 15.
    Electric motor collector DK-62-60-15 is designed to drive the electric coffee and other household appliances.
    Specifications DK-62-60-15
    Power - 60W.
    Power supply - 220.
    The frequency of the supply current - 50 Hz.
    Rated speed - 15,000 min-1
    Rated Current - 0.6 A 0.04 A.
    Efficiency - 51%.
    Power factor DC-62-60-15-0.95.
    The ratio of the acceleration torque to the rated - 5.
    The direction of rotation of the output shaft end - the left.
    Operating mode-S2.
    The average sound level at a distance of 1 m from the external circuit at rated speed - 65 dBA.
    Engine DK-62-60-15 has a collector diameter - 62 mm.
    Weight - 0.35 lbs.
    Mean time to failure - 125 hours.
    RMS vibration DK-62-60-15 at rated speed - 4.5 mm s -1.

Photos: DK-62-60-15

DK-62-60-15 overall dimensions.
DK-62-60-15 overall dimensions.
DK-62-60-15 installation dimensions.
DK-62-60-15 installation dimensions.