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Dynamometer DPU-0.1-2 1000N Dynamometer DPU-0.1-2.

Dynamometer DPU-0.1-2 1000N

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Dynamometer DPU-0.1-2 (DPI, DPI-01, DPU0.1, DPU0.1-2 DPU0.1 2)
Dynamometer DPU-0.1-2 is designed to measure the static tensile stress.
The range of 1000H, 100kg.
Dynamometer DPU-0.1-2 is a recommended list of equipment for service checkup for vehicles 2011.
General-purpose dynamometers DPI (spring with dial device) used to measure the static tensile stress.
Maximum permissible error of the reduced 2%.
When the load is removed from the dynamometer DPU arrow reading device shall be zeroed with an error less than 0.5 division value of the scale.
Limit of acceptable variations in readings of dynamometers DPU-0.1-2 does not exceed the absolute value of the limit of acceptable basic error.
The threshold sensitivity of the instrument dynamometer DPU-0.1-2 0.5% maximum limit of measurement.
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