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Dynamometer DA-500

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Dynamometer spring analog DA-500 (DA 500, DA500)
Dynamometer spring analog DA-500 is intended to measure the efforts of expansion and contraction.
It is used in engineering and other industries. In particular, when using self-made devices can be used for measuring the force on the steering wheel in accordance with DSTU 3649-97 for repair, maintenance and technical inspection of vehicles.
Features analog instrumentation dynamometers spring DA-500:
- Tightening of tension and compression in a single device;
- A set of nozzles for the application in different settings;
- Measuring instrument dynamometer spring analog DA-500 current and peak values;
- Registration of the relative change efforts;
- Two of the scale;
- Convenient carrying case;
- The state metrological certification of the instrument analog dynamometer spring DA-500;
Technical characteristics of the devices dynamometers DA-500:
Operating conditions:
- Ambient temperature
- Relative humidity, not more
from +10 º C to +30 ° C
80% at +25 ° C
Force measurement range device dynamometer DA-500
from 0H to 500N
Value of division
Limit of the reduced error of the instrument analog dynamometer spring DA-500
± 1%
Overall dimensions
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Photos Dynamometer DA-500

DA-500 dynamometer analog spring.
DA-500 dynamometer analog spring.
DA-500 dynamometer analog spring.
DA-500 dynamometer analog spring.