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ДИД-2ТВВ Engine-BIT 2TVV biphasic induction.


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DiD-2TVV engine two-phase induction  (DiD2TVV, BIT 2 TIA, BIT-2-TIA, BIT 2TVV, DiD2-TIA TIA DiD2)
BIT-engine two-phase induction 2TVV designed to work in low-inertia drives reverse aviation automation.
Designed for operation in conditions of high hardness, specific to the products of aviation technology.
Technical characteristics of the devices engines BIT-2TVV biphasic induction:
The maximum shaft power - 2W;
Starting torque - no less than 25.0 g ∙ cm
Starting current motor unit BIT-2TVV biphasic induction:
- Excitation - no more than 70mA;
- Control - no more than 70mA;
Idle speed motor unit BIT-2TVV biphasic induction - at least 19000ob/min;
- Diameter - 34.0 mm;
- Length - 69.0 mm;
Unit weight BIT-engine two-phase induction 2TVV - 0.165 kg;
- In the chain excitation - 115V;
- A control circuit - 120V;
Frequency of the device engine BIT-2TVV biphasic induction - 400Hz.