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ДИД-0,1ТВ Engine BIT-0, two-phase induction 1TV.


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     Engine DID-0,1TV biphasic induction (DiD0, 1TV, BIT 0.1 TV, BIT-0,1-TV, BIT 0.1 TV DiD0,1-TV, DiD0, 1 TV)
     Engine BIT-0, 1TV biphasic induction is designed to work in reverse inertia drives aviation automation.
     Designed to operate in conditions of high hardness, specific to the products of aviation technology.
     Specifications instruments engines BIT-0, 1TV biphasic induction:
     The maximum shaft power - 0,1 W;
     Starting torque - no less than 2.6 g ∙ cm
     Appliance motor starting currents BIT-0, 1TV biphasic induction:
       - excitation - no more than 80mA;
       - control - no more than 70mA;
      Idling speed appliance motor BIT-0, 1TV biphasic induction - at least 12000ob/min;
       - diameter - 18,9 mm;
       - length - 38,5 mm;
     Weight of the device engine BIT-0, 1TV biphasic induction - 0,025 kg;
      - in the chain excitation - 36V;
       - a control circuit - 30V;
      The frequency of the device engine BIT-0, 1TV biphasic induction - 400Hz.