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Diana-2M Vibration Analyzer Diana-2M-channel.


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Vibration Analyzer Diana-2M dual-channel (Diana2M, Diana 2M, Diana-2-M, Diana M 2)
Vibration Analyzer Diana-2M dual-channel (vibration analyzer) is designed to effectively address the problems of vibration diagnostics and vibronaladki rotating equipment of various types.
"Diana-2M" is a portable, compact, self-contained, portable and effective device for the most common practice in diagnostic work.
The device is simple to operate and can be accessed by persons having different levels of training.
Analyzer vibration signals Diana-2M is a modern technical and functional solution that is uniquely positioned in the recording and signal processing. These include:
- It can be used as a digital recorder for vibration signals with a maximum duration of the registration until 1:00. This mode allows you to analyze the vibration of the equipment in the most difficult, transitional modes, changing load, coasting, start-up, etc. This feature was made ​​possible through the use of the instrument coincides belt large memory;
- Vibration Analyzer Diana-2M can analyze the vibrational spectra of processes with very high resolution, to 51200 (!)lines in the spectrum. Use of such authorization will be necessary very often, but in some cases can provide real benefits for diagnostics.
Along with these, uniquely positioned in the device implements all the most powerful features, which can be in portable analyzers, vibration is widely recognized:
- Built-in dual vibration analyzer unit Diana-2M two-plane balancing of rotors program at their own piers.To implement this feature, you must use a laser marker phase, supplied;
- With the help of the instrument can analyze the condition of a short-cage rotor induction motors using the included device current sensor;
- Ability to analyze operational condition of rolling bearings "in place", the level of the pulses from the defect, and the spectrum envelope of the vibration signal, using the program "Atlant".
With the device analyzer Diana-2M dual-channel vibration comes complete diagnostic and service programs, "Atlas" and "Avrora2000."They pozvolyayutprovodit diagnostic equipment defects.
For convenience, in the software "Atlas" includes:
- Database with tiered storage media;
- A set of functions for the various transformations of vibration signals and their views;
- A set of automated expert systems for a variety of diagnostic work, including the special language of "Pallas" for writing expert systems by the user;
- The "Diana" for settlement during the omnidirectional-balancing and calming the rotors;
- The "Ariadne" to quickly determine the technical condition of rolling bearings;
- The "Aurora-2000" allows you to practice the transition from repairing rotating equipment on a system outage for maintenance and repair services on technical conditions. The introduction of 'Aurora-2000 "does not require special training of personnel and with proper implementation brings the highest economic benefit.
Technical characteristics of the instrument analyzers Diana-2M dual-channel vibration:
The device has a low-temperature liquid crystal display with a resolution of 320x240 pixels;
The unit is enclosed in an aluminum milled body with a handle;
The device analyzer vibration Diana-2M channel is equipped with vibroakselerometrami pezoelektricheskogo type with built-in preamps, which provide high sensitivity, noise and linearity over the entire frequency range of measurements, and laser-TIMER phase;
The device is designed for operation in hazardous areas indoor and outdoor installations in accordance with labeling of explosion and other normative documents regulating the use of electrical equipment located in hazardous areas Class 0, where the formation of explosive, not exceeding the risk category of group IIA and TK;
Degree of protection device vibration analyzer Diana-2M channel from dust and moisture resistance:
- Spectrum Diana-2M - IP30;
- Laser marker - IP30;
- Vibration Transducers VC-310 - IP54;
Measuring circuit:
- The number of channels simultaneously polled - 3 (2 vibrokanala 1 fotootmetchik);
- Frequency range - 3 Hz-10000Gts;
- Frequency range sensors VC-310a - 3 Hz-5000Hz;
- ADC - 15 bits;
- Analog integration - single, double;
Measuring ranges instrument vibration analyzer Diana-2M channel:
- Vibration acceleration - 0.3 m / s 2-100m / s 2;
- Velocity - 0.3 mm / s 2 to 100 mm / s 2;
- Vibro - 5.0 micron-500mkm;
- Cutoff frequency - choose from the list in the range up to 10kHz;
- Number of lines - to 51200;
- Function window - a window of Hamming;
Non-volatile memory (Flash) device vibration analyzer Diana-2M channel:
- Allocation - dynamic;
- Total - 64MB;
- Retention time - unlimited;
Accuracy of measurement of vibration analyzer Diana-2M channel:
- The main limit of permissible relative error in measuring the overall level of vibration - <5%;
- The main limit of permissible relative error when using the spectral decomposition - <5%;
- The decline in response at the boundary frequencies - <3 dB;
Presentation of data in the device-2M analyzer Diana vibration channel:
- Display - Backlit LCD 320x240 pixels;
- USB connector cable, and at the same time slot for the charger;
- Connector for connecting the vibration sensor (Channel 2) - a standard coaxial connector BNC connector sensors;
- Connector for connecting the vibration sensor (channel 1) - a standard coaxial connector BNC connector sensors;
- A connector for the laser timer;
- Headphone jack;
Power supply Diana-2M analyzer vibration channel:
- Items - batteries type AA 1.5 A ∙ h (NiMH);
- Charging time - about 12 hours;
Consumption devices Diana-2M dual-channel vibration analyzers:
- In standby - 120mA;
- In the learning mode - 300mA;
- In the learning mode with backlight - 350mA;
Opening hours Vibration Analyzer instrument channel Diana-2M:
- Standby mode without the backlight - 15 hours;
- Standby mode with backlight - 10 hours;
- Mode of illumination without registration - 7:00;
- Registration mode with backlight - 5:00;
Dimensions instrument analyzer Diana-2M dual-channel vibration - no more 200h140h38mm;
Weight - no more than 1.5 kg;
Additional features
- Dynamic balancing of rotors in the aggregate own bearings or on the balancing machine (implemented algorithm and two-plane single-balancing);
- Determination of the amplitude and phase-frequency characteristics of mechanical equipment in the modes of acceleration / coasting (in Atlas software);
- Determination of natural frequencies of structures using pulsed excitation;
- Conversion algorithms and analysis of vibration signals recorded;
- Analysis of short-cage rotor induction motors;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument vibration analyzer Diana-2M channel technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.