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DGM-0.1DT Motor generator compact CMB-0, 1DT.


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Engine-generator compact DGM-0.1DT (DGM0, 1DT, CMB 0.1 DT, CMB-0 ,1-DT, DT 0.1 CMB, DGM0 ,1-DT, DGM0, 1 DF)
Engine-generator CMB compact-0 1DT designed for operation in aviation automation with high-speed feedback.
Is an electric induction micromachines AC motor with the rotor as a "squirrel cage" and the generator rotor in the form of a non-magnetic glasses.
Engine-generator CMB compact-0 1DT fully meet current requirements regarding the minimum time constant is designed for operation in conditions of high rigidity.
Technical characteristics of the devices miniature motors generators CMB-0 1DT:
The maximum shaft power - 0.1 W;
Starting torque - no less than 3.5 g ∙ cm
The steepness of the output signal at 1000ob/min - 65mV ± 20mV;
No-load speed engine-generator unit compact CMB-0 1DT - at least 7500ob/min;
Consumed current engine-generator unit CMB compact-0 1DT:
- Of the motor - no more than 50mA;
- Engine control - no more than 140mA;
- Excitation of the generator - 70mA;
- Diameter - 16.1 mm;
- Length - 45.3 mm;
Weight of the device compact motor-generator CMB-0 1DT - 0,035 kg;
- In the chain excitation - 36V;
- A control circuit - 12V;
Frequency of the device compact motor-generator CMB-0 1DT - 400Hz.