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Engine-generator DG-12 (DG12, DG 12)
Engine-generator DG-12 with a hollow aluminum rotor is designed to work in the executive mechanisms of positional servo systems with fast feedback.
Designed for operation in conditions of high hardness, specific to the products of aviation technology.
Technical characteristics of the devices engines, generators DG-12:
Starting torque - no less than 600.0 g ∙ cm
No-load speed unit motor-generator DG-12 - at least 6500ob/min;
The steepness of the output signal at 1000ob/min - 0.4;
EMF transformation - not more than 50 mV;
Power values ​​appliance motor-generator DG-12:
- Of the motor - no more than 380mA;
- Engine control - no more than 600mA;
- Excitation of the generator - 160mA;
- Diameter - 58.0 mm;
- Length - 136.6 mm;
Unit weight motor-generator DG-12 - 1,200 kg;
- In the field circuit - 200V;
- A control circuit - 120V;
Frequency of the device engine-generator DG-12 - 400 Hz.