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Compass deviation DP Deviation DF DP.

Compass deviation DP

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Compass deviation DP
Compass deviation DP is designed to detect magnetic bearings (MP) for goods and setting the aircraft on magnetic course (MC) on the magnetic bearing or on-board calculated Pelengs (BP) in determining the deviation.
Compass deviation DP is a direction finder, compass and protractor with diopters for visual observations.To achieve the objectives is the limb. Countdown to the limb in DP is done using indices, which are attached, to diopters.
Technical characteristics of the devices of compass deviation finders DP:
Mean square error of change in the magnetic azimuth - 1 °;
The accuracy of the reference index on the alidade and the MC - 0,1 °;
Price of the smallest division of the limb - 1 °;
Dividing the nominal price level - 10 ';
Weight of the device locator compass deviation DP without accessories - 1.4 kg;
Weight box, with the instrument and accessories - 3.2 kg;
Tripod Weight - 2.8 kg;
The height of the device in position (without stand) - 230mm;
The length of the stand (folded) - 890mm
The temperature range of the device locator compass deviation DP - -40 ° C to +40 ° C;