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DEUE-3-10,0I Dynamometer DEUE-3-10, 0, electronic universal.


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Dynamometer DEUE-3-10,0I electronic universal (DEUE310,0I, DEUE 3 10,0I, DEUE3-10,0I, DEUE3 10,0I, DEUE-310,0I, DEUE 310,0I)
Dynamometer DEUE-3-10,0I electronic versatility is designed to measure the static tension or compression forces and periodic calibration of testing machines and stands.
Devices can record peak (maximum) value efforts.
Technical characteristics of the devices dynamometers DEUE-3-10,0I electronic universal:
The highest value measured - 10.0 kN;
Lower limit of measurement - 1.0 kN;
Discrete devices dynamometer DEUE-3-10,0I electronic universal - 1H;
Eye diameter (thread M) - 12 mm;
Types of testing - tension, compression;
The presence of RS-232 interface enables communication device electronic dynamometer DEUE-3-10,0I versatile with the computer or with an industrial controller;
Software industrial controller that provides control testing machines, allows verification siloizmeritelnyh sensors at three loading (unloading) with the calculation and display of the difference between the load cell readings and power at fixed points;
Dynamometer device universal DEUE-3-10,0I is the strain gauge power cable is connected to the microprocessor unit, made ​​in the form of a manual attendant console;
The operator panel is connected to the battery power supply 4.5 V, placed in the enclosure panel, or to the standard power supply unit;
Report dynamometer readings electronic universal DEUE-3-10,0I is in newtons, kilograms or pounds of force strength;
At the request of the operator on the display shows the battery voltage supply;
The manufacturer guarantees that the product quality dynamometer DEUE-3-10,0I electronic universal technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.