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ДДГН-02 Dosimeter DDGN-02.


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Dosimeter DDGN-02 (DDGN02, DDGN 02)
Dosimeter DDGN-02 is designed to measure the exposure dose of X-ray and gamma radiation.

Technical characteristics of the devices dosimeters DDGN-02:

Ambient temperature - -50 ° C to +50 ° C;
The rate of change of temperature - not less than 10 ° C / h;
Relative humidity - up to 95% (upper value) at +35 ° C;
Atmospheric pressure - from 66kPa to 106.7 kPa;
The energy range of photon radiation dosimeter device DDGN-02 - from 0.05 MeV to 2.5 MeV;
Measuring range of photon and neutron radiation - from 0.1 mGy to 2mGr;
Energy dependence of dosimeter sensitivity of the instrument DDGN-02 relative to the energy 1250keV gamma radionuclide 60Co in the range of photon energies from 0.05 MeV to 2.5 MeV range from -25% to +25%.