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Dosimeter DBGB-04 domestic automobile (DBGB04, DBGB 04)
Dosimeter DBGB-04 domestic automobile designed to detect radioactive contamination of the area and vehicles on a discrete scale of measurement with automatic subband level equivalent dose of gamma radiation, as well as audible and visual alarm on exceeding the threshold dose rate of gamma radiation.
Dosimeter used for operational monitoring of the radiation situation in the cabin of the vehicle or in the survey of the terrain, as well as to determine the contamination of the vehicle.
Periodic checking of the instrument dosimeter DBGB-04 household automobile wires by territorial authorities or consumer organizations, are eligible for instrument calibration.
Technical characteristics of the devices dosimeter DBGB-04 domestic automobiles:
Dosimeter is designed to work in:
- Ambient temperature - from -20 ° C to +50 ° C;
- Relative humidity - up to 90% at +25 ° C;
- Atmospheric pressure - from 84kPa to 106.7 kPa;
Measuring range of the equivalent dose rate (EDR) of gamma radiation dosimeter device DBGB-04 road home - 0.1 mkZv/ch-900mkZv/ch;
Measurement error of DER - ± (30 +2 (0.9 / P-1))%, where P - the bar without her multiplier;
Energy range - 0.08 MeV-1, 25MeV;
Energy dependence of the sensitivity of the instrument dosimeter DBGB-04 domestic car - ± 40%;
Threshold of sound and light alarm - 1.2 mSv / h ± 45%;
Additional error of DER for every 10 ° C - ± 10%;
Up time unit dosimeter DBGB-04 motor home - no more than 10s;
Measurement time EDR - no more than 60 seconds;
Power supply monitor domestic automobile DBGB-04:
- From the vehicle DC vehicle with a negative ground bus voltage 10.8-15V;
- From 4 primary cells such as A-316;
Current consumption from the vehicle - less than 120mA
Time of continuous operation dosimeter DBGB-04 car home from a fresh set of battery cells at a temperature of 20 ° C and the natural level of background radiation - not less than 24 hours;
Radiation overload - n more 90mZv / h;
Dimensions of various components of the dosimeter DBGB-04 road home:
- Control uh-56P - no more 170x140x32mm;
- Block BDRG-35P - no more 180x34x34mm;
- Tapes - no more 185x150x50mm;
Weight of appliance parts dosimeter DBGB-04 road home:
- Control uh-56P - no more than 0.55 kg;
- Block BDRG-35P - not more than 0.35 kg;
- Cassettes - not more than 0.40 kg;
Dosimeter DBGB-04 is designed as a portable instrument, consisting of three parts: the remote measuring 561І Wow, the detection unit BDRG-35P, which are connected by a cable with a plug and cassette to set the dosimeter in the cabin of the vehicle;
Housing block unit dosimeter DBGB-04 motor home are made ​​of high impact polystyrene;
The principle of operation is based on the transformation of the dosimeter unit detecting gamma radiation energy into electrical signals, which are measured by remote control;
Dosimeter household appliance motor DBGB-04 can be used in two modes:
- As a stationary device for monitoring the radiation environment inside the vehicle powered by its onboard DC system;
- As a portable device for measuring the radioactive contamination of the subject site area, the surface of the vehicle, etc. powered by galvanic cells;
The device dosimeter DBGB-04 household automobile provides audible and visual alarms in excess of gamma-ray 1.2 mSv / h (120mkR / h) - the so-called "level of response";
When such a signal should go to the nearest sanitary-epidemiological station for a formal opinion on the radiation situation;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument dosimeter DBGB-04 domestic automotive technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.

Photos: DBGB-04

DBGB-04 dosimeter image.
DBGB-04 dosimeter image.
DBGB-04 delivery set.
DBGB-04 delivery set.
DBGB-04 front view.
DBGB-04 front view.
DBGB-04 overhead view.
DBGB-04 overhead view.
DBGB-04 bottom view.
DBGB-04 bottom view.