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Wattmeter D542 (D 542, D-542)


D542 portable single-phase wattmeter of the electrodynamic system is designed to measure the nominal power factor of 0.1 in AC circuits.


Wattmeter D542 are used at an ambient temperature of 10 to 35 ° C and a relative humidity of 80% (at 30 ° C).
In terms of resistance to mechanical influences D542 devices are common.
According to the degree of protection against external magnetic influences unit D542 belongs to the category II.
D542 accuracy class 0.5.
Power meter is manufactured in various versions for four nominal voltage and two nominal current.
Instrument parameter
The parameter value for modifications
Rated current
0.25 A, 0.5 A
0.5 A, 1A
2,5 A, 5A
5A 10A
The upper limits of measurement, W, at a voltage
0.75 W, 1.5 W
1.5W, 3W
7.5 W, 15 W
15 W, 30 W
1,875 W, 3.75 W
3.75 W, 15 W
18.75 W, 37.5 W
37.5 W, 75 W
3.75 W, 7.5 W
7.5 W, 15 W
37.5 W, 75 W
75 W, 150 W
7.5 W, 15 W
15 W, 30 W
75 W, 150 W
150 W, 300 W
Resistance serial circuit ohms (approximately)
2.5 Ohm 0.6 Ohm
0.6 Ohm and 0.15 Ohm
0.08 Ohm 0.022 Ohm
0.03 Ohm 0.006 Ohm
Series circuit inductance mH (approximately)
2.2 mH, 0.6 mH
0.6 mH, 0.15 mH
0.03 mH, 0.007 mH
0.007 mH, 0.002 mH

Sosφ rated power factor of 0.1.
Nominal voltage power meter 30V, 75V, 150V, 300V.
Rated current of 5 mA in parallel circuit.
Rated frequency range 45-65g c.
Extended frequency range 65-400Hz.
Settling time moving part 4 seconds.
Unit Dimensions wattmeter D542 - 175h255h140 mm, weight 3.0 kg device.
The housing plastic.
The moving part of the device attached to the braces.
Indicating device - a light pointer. The length scale of the device is 125 mm.
The device is provided with a level of D542 to install the device in a horizontal operating position.

Photos Д542

D542 device image.
D542 device image.
D542 view panel of the device.
D542 view panel of the device.
D542 side view.
D542 side view.
D542 side view.
D542 side view.
D542 side view.
D542 side view.
D542 bottom view.
D542 bottom view.