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Wattmeter D50165 (D 50165, D-50165)
Designed to measure current, voltage and power in DC and AC.
Size not more 205h290h135mm.
Accuracy class 0.2.

Wattmeter D50165 are designed to measure current, voltage and power in DC and AC.
D50165 watt meters are designed for use in moderate climate in enclosed dry heated rooms, at an ambient temperature of 10 ° to 35 ° C and a relative humidity of 80% (at 25 ° C).
Wattmeters D50165 - Version 0, Division 4.1, designed for use in both dry and humid tropical climate in closed rooms with air conditioned or partially air-conditioned at the ambient temperature from 1 to 45 ° C and a relative humidity of 80% at 25 ° C (GOST 15150-69).

Technical data

D50165 power meter accuracy class 0.2 in accordance with GOST 8476-78 immediately after the start and during any time of continuous operation.
Rated power factor wattmeter D50165 - 1.0. Rated current of the branch circuit power meter 5 mA. The normal frequency range power meter D50165 from 45 to 500 Hz, the operating frequency range - more than 500 to 1000 Hz.
The limit of additional error-watt meter D50165, caused by a deflection voltage of ± 20% of nominal value measured at constant power equal to the limit of permissible basic error.
Changing the Power meter readings D50165 caused by changing the frequency of the upper limit of the normal region to any value in the working frequency range does not exceed ± 0,2% of the final value of the measuring range.
The limit of additional error appliance power meter D50165 caused by the influence of external homogeneous constant or variable (frequency within the normal range of frequencies, but not more than 1 kHz) of the magnetic field with the magnetic flux density of 0.2 mT does not exceed ± 0,2% of full scale range measurements.
Response time less than 4s. Dining lighting circuit unit Power meter D50165 is made from the AC voltage (220 ± 22) at 50 - 60 Hz via a step-down transformer (supplied with the devices), or directly from an AC or DC voltage of 4V.
Unit Dimensions Power meter D50165 no more 205h290h135 mm, weight of the unit is not more than 4.5 kg. Overall dimensions of the transformer housing no more than 65h85h45 mm, weight of the transformer is not more than 0.5 kg.


Wattmeter D50165
Rated current, A The final value of the measuring range, W, for rated voltages Rated resistance in ohms Rated inductance mH
30B 75V 150B 300B 450V 600V
0,025 0.75 W 1,875 W 3.75 W 7.5 W 11.25 W 15 W 43 35
0.05 1.5 W 3.75 W 7.5 W 15 W 22.5 W 30 W 13 8.8