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Wattmeter shield D325

Also this device can be referred to: D-325, D 325.


D325 three-phase wattmeter shield is intended to measure the power consumption in AC circuits with unbalanced load 50 Hz.

Dimensions - 120×120×150 mm.

Accuracy class - 1,5.


Electrodynamic wattmeters D325 equipped with measuring unit with a closed magnetic circuit. In switchboard wattmeter uses one or more shielded test mechanisms.


Specifications D325:


Test voltage - 2 kV.

Operating position scale - vertical.

Display type - an arrow.

Turning ammeters - 100/5.

Mains voltage - 380 V.

Weight D325 - 1,4 kg.


The principle of operation is based on the interaction of D325 fixed and moving frames on which the current flows. Moving coils relative to each other due to the fact that the conductors on which currents flow in one direction, attracted, and with currents in opposite directions - repelled.


Electrodynamic wattmeter measuring mechanism generates readings as a result of interaction of two currents, taking into account the phase shift between them.If, after a fixed frame made of thick wire, the load current flows, and the movable coil connected to the circuit as a voltage that is proportional to the current flowing to this voltage, the power meter reading D325 proportion of active power.


Expanding the range of current is provided by switching the coils in the circuit by connecting shunt resistors or voltage transformer. Additional resistance and transformer voltage circuit provides voltage range extension.


The wattmeters D325 certified and listed in the State Register of measuring instruments. The devices comply with requirements of the applicable technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage.

Photos: D325

D325 device image.
D325 device image.
D325 front view (scale).
D325 front view (scale).
D325 side view (casing depth).
D325 side view (casing depth).
D325 rear view (connection).
D325 rear view (connection).
D325 overhead view.
D325 overhead view.