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Attenuator fixed resistor D2-28

Also, this device can be called: D228, D2 28.


D2-28 attenuators fixed resistors - devices for smooth, step or lowering a fixed intensity electrical or electromagnetic waves as a means of measurement is a measure of attenuation of the electromagnetic signal, but at the same time, can be considered as transducers.

Attenuator used D2-28 in test and measurement studies in which there is a continuous data transfer.

Frequency range - from 0 to 3 GHz.

The amount of attenuation - 4 dB.

Load power - 1W.


Specifications D2-28:


Deviation attenuation in a frequency range:

- DC - ± 0,1 dB;

- Up to 1 GHz - ± 0,4 dB;

- Over 1 GHz to 3 GHz - ± 0,5 dB.


FTC U input and output:

- Up to 1 GHz - is not more than 1.15;

- Over 1 GHz to 1.5 GHz - not more than 1.25;

- More than 1.5 GHz to 2 GHz - not more than 1.35;

- Over 2 GHz to 3 GHz - not more than 1.5.

Weight - 0.15 kg.

Dimensions - 25x72 5 mm.

Continuous operation time - 8 hours


The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance attenuator resistor D2-28 all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos: D2-28

D2-28 device image.
D2-28 device image.