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The device is produced in 2018.

All measurement ranges and settings are available.

It is possible to customize any special scales.


Frequency meter shockproof D166

Also, this device can be called: D-166, D 166.

D166 frequency is intended for frequency measurement in AC circuits with a nominal frequency of 50 Hz.

Dimensions - 120×120 mm.

Accuracy class - 0,5.

Shock, vibration and tryaskoprochnye.

Frequency D166 are splash-shield devices ferrodinamicheskoy system. Included in the circuit with a separate extension unit P180.

Scope: installation on ships and mobile installations.

Specifications D166:

Measurement range - 45 Hz to 55 Hz.

Rated voltage:

- The direct inclusion - 127 V, 220 V;

- Via voltage transformer 380 V/127 V - 380 V.

Change readings caused by changes in ambient temperature - no more than ±0,5% for every 10° change in temperature.

Changing testimony from the influence of external magnetic field strength of 5 e - no more than ±0,5% of full-scale.

Scale length D166 - 190 mm.

Grating angle - 230°.

Working part - 100%.

Operating position frequency - vertical.

Housing material - plastic base; steel casing; casing alloy AL2.

Settling time arrow - no more than 3 seconds.

Insulation resistance at ambient temperature (20±5)° C:

- Relative humidity 80% - at least 50 MOhm;

- Relative humidity of 95±3% - less than 2 MOhm.

Weight of frequency D166 - not more than 3 kg.

Frequency D166 constructively arranged in the same splash-proof housing flush mounting. Devices attached to the shield by four studs, embedded in the casing.

Operating conditions D166:

The ambient air temperature - from -40° C to +60° C.

Relative humidity - 98%.

Frequency D166 stand the test:

- By shaking with an acceleration of 70 m/s2 at a frequency of 80 beats per minute to 120 - for 2 hours;

- A vibration at a frequency of 20 Hz with an amplitude of 1,4 mm span - for 2 h;

- On the type copra six strokes of the maximum intensity.

Photos: D166

D166 device image.
D166 device image.
D166 front view (scale).
D166 front view (scale).
D166 side view (casing depth).
D166 side view (casing depth).
D166 rear view (connection).
D166 rear view (connection).
D166 overhead view.
D166 overhead view.