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    Voltmeter D121/1
    Also, this device may be called: D-121/1, D 121/1, D121-1, D-121 1 D 121-1, d121 / 1, d-121/1, d 121/1.

Voltmeter D121/1 - a portable device designed to control the voltage measurements in networks of three-phase frequency of 400-500Hz.
    Type of display measurement information voltmeters - analog direct-reading, scales, instruments calibrated in voltage values ​​- volts.
    The metering mechanism D121 / 1 - ferrodinamichesky the core and yoke, recruited from the electrical steel plates. The excitation coil is put on the yoke, and generates a magnetic flux when current flows through it. In the air gap between the core and the yoke moves the movable coil (frame).
    The interaction between the current that flows through the frame, and the magnetic flux in the air gap formed by the excitation coil torque arises, rotating the frame fastened to it with an arrow. Counteracting torque is produced coil springs that doubles as a power connection to the frame.

Specifications voltmeter D121/1

    Dimensions 215x286x132 mm.
    Scale length 125 mm.
    Angle scale devices 90 °.
    Accuracy Class D121/1 0.5.
    Rated frequency: 400-500Hz.
    Measuring range: 150V-250V.
    Power consumption:
    for the range of 0-150V - 5.8 V · A
    for the range of 0-250V - 8.3 V·A.
    The method included in the circuit - direct.
    Weight 4.5 kg devices.
    Deviations of the voltmeters D121/1 can be caused by:
    - Changes in ambient temperature of +20 ± 5 ° C to any temperature within the operating temperature range. Deflection does not exceed 1% of full scale for every 10 ° C change in temperature.
    - The influence of external magnetic field strength of 400 A / m, formed shock of the same kind as the current flowing through the DUT, under the most unfavorable phase and the direction of the field. Deviation of the readings do not exceed ± 1% of full scale.
    - Tilting the device 45 ° from vertical in any direction. Deviation of the readings do not exceed ± 1% of scale length.
    - Installation of the devices D121/1 on a steel panel thickness up to 3 mm. Deviation of the readings do not exceed ± 0,5% of full-scale.
    - Frequency deviation of ± 10% of nominal value. Deviation of the readings do not exceed ± 2,5% of full scale.
    - Deviation from the voltage waveform is almost sinusoidal under the influence of 2, 3 or 5-th harmonic component equal to 10% of the actual value of the measured current or voltage measurement equation of the readings do not exceed the permissible basic error of the corresponding class of the device.
    To expand the limits of measurement devices voltmeters D121/1 should be included via voltage transformers. When working with voltage transformers should be thoroughly grounded secondary windings of the transformers.
    Sedation movable portion is performed using a light aluminum sector fastened to the axis of the moving part and movable in the air gap of a permanent magnet.

Photos: D121/1

D121/1 overall dimensions.
D121/1 overall dimensions.